Work Packages

Work package 0: Management and Coordination of the Project

The objective is to ensure the effective Management and Coordination of the technical progress of the project, as well as the administrative and financial aspects. The tasks include the establishment of the needed measures to ensure the high quality of the project results and risks mitigation.

Work package 1: Diagnosis of cyber security in smart grids

The objective in this work package will be to determine the most common and risky cyber-attacks, and to design a framework architecture able to simulate them. The framework will be, however scalable and open, in order to include new attacks in the future.

Work package 2: Development of threat database

The objective of work package 2 is to release a DataBase populated with modelled specific cyber-attacks for which the energy Critical Infrastructure (CI) will need to be protected.

Work package 3: Development of cyber-attacks simulation tool

The main objective of this WP will be the development of the tool, the integration of all components and the real operation environment under test.

Work package 4: Validation

Work package 4 will seek endorsement of the previous work and will improve the developed framework by performing a series of simulation tests of selected attacks in a number of currently running smart grids (end-user tests). Due to critical nature of the infrastructures under test, the simulations will take place over replicas of smart grids. The simulation tests will replicate the configuration and characteristics of Tecnalia INGRID energy smart grids infrastructure and will evaluate the risks and solutions against the simulated attacks.

WP4 aims to make the Probe of Concept (PoC) to simulate potential real attacks situation over an energy smart grids critical infrastructures. In the case of TACIT project, several scenarios will be described and prepared to be piloted, several simulation test cases will be modelled and prepared for the validation within the PoC. The execution of PoC will consist on executing a set of specific cyber-attacks already modelled within the DataBase, which could compromise INGRID infrastructures, and finally, results of the PoC will be analysed and feedback will be used as inputs to update a new release of the DataBase and Simulation Tool (TACIT Product).

Work package 5: Dissemination and exploitation

This Work package 5 will define and put into action activities designed with the aim to spread the results achieved in the project and to create a strong awareness of the initiative at European level, with the ultimate goal of business exploitation of such results. Therefore, the WP will also undertake the market opportunity analysis and the transfer of results to the industry