The final version of the Smart Grid cyberattack simulator TACIT has been released

The final version of the Smart Grid cyberattack simulator TACIT has been released

TACIT Simulator, a novel tool to aid in the threat impact assessment for the protection of Critical Infrastructures, particularly electricity Smart Grids. Read more...

 TACIT Project

Motivated by promises in the rationalisation of costs, flexibility and any-where any-time availability, both private and public sectors in Europe are turning into Internet of the Things, especially in Critical Infrastructure Sectors, where security, dependability and reliability are critical, and the type of attacks and vulnerabilities are really specific. But even services in critical sectors such as transport, energy, water, etc. are starting to integrate physical security mechanisms, cyber security is not still solved in their infrastructures.

The objective of TACIT is the definition and development of a framework for the assessment of risk and impact of cyber-attacks in smart grids. The framework will be used in the risk analysis and assessment phase of Critical Infrastructures Protection and will support the simulation of the relevant cyber-attacks to smart grids, in order to better design the reactive measures in these infrastructures. The framework will lead to a significant improvement on the knowledge and capacities of European CI providers to develop and maintain resilient energy infrastructures. TACIT will  validate and improve the framework by performing a series of end-user tests simulating cyber-attacks on running smart grids to derive appropriate recommendations to enhance cyber security in smart grids and by getting feedback through the celebration of a European-wide workshop attended by experts and relevant stakeholders.

You can find more information about the project here.